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Made from our animals' sustainable fiber

Go Green with 100% Alpaca Dryer Balls

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6 ounces for a set of 4 dryer balls
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Product Specs

  • 6 ounces for a set of 4 dryer balls
  • These dryer balls make great gifts to friends and family.
  • They send the message that you care about them and the planet.
  • You are saving them from those toxic dryer sheets and you'll be saving them money.

Product Description

Sustainable fibers are eco-friendly fibers grown each year on our farm. These dryer balls will soften clothes, reduce static, cut dryer time, remove wrinkles for most garments, and allow you to throw away those toxic dryer sheets. Just toss them into your dryer and leave them there for each load because they are reusable. Essential oils may be added to scent clothes, but make sure the oils are fully absorbed by the dryer ball, so it doesn't stain clothes. Dryer balls SAVE YOU MONEY by reducing energy costs (dryer time) and avoiding the purchase of unnecessary dryer sheets. Dryer ball colors vary. Set of 4 dryer balls.